Traditional paths

The Ramat de Camins trail basically uses traditional paths between villages and valleys. These ancestral routes were carefully chosen in their day, making the most of the lay of the land to allow humans and laden animals to negotiate the terrain. They also opted for slopes in the sunlight or the shade, depending on what was most suitable in each section, and were built along rock walls with very little room for manoevre, offering pretty cobblestone sections where required. This is ancient human heritage, and as such begs the question as to why it is not considered accordingly. All too often it pains us to witness how an amazing path built between rock walls, with perfectly fashioned stone, is destroyed by huge excavators to make way for a track or a road.

The day the Ramat de Camins trail can be covered in its entirety with a donkey carrying a load will mean the paths along the trail will have been restored and are healthy living arteries again.

Would you like to sponsor a path?

The Ramat de Camins trail is made up of over 300 km of ancient paths, a very extensive network which needs to be carefully looked after and maintained. Public entities such as town councils, regional councils, national and natural parks are not in a position to look after these paths in their entirety, many of which are off the beaten track. As we consider the paths valuable heritage, we’d like to make our own small contribution, at least along the paths which make up our route. If you’d like to help preserve these age-old paths you can actually sponsor a section.

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Would you like a path as a friend?

The “Camí Amic” (Path Friend) project is designed to make children and young people aware of the importance of paths as heritage. We want paths to be respected, which means appreciating them from an early age onwards. This project is intended for schools.

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