A day to get a feel for it

Discover the snow-covered landscapes of the Ramat de Camins trail with snow racquets under foot or find out what the salt mines in Gerri de la Sal were like in the company of donkeys.

Ramat d’aventures

Follow in the footsteps of Camilo José Cela, Josep Maria Espinà and Núria Garcia Quera, at the same time as enjoying adventure sports.
Come and have fun with a day hiking and a day of adventure sports (rafting or canyoning).

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Family day: Gerri salt muleteers for a day

Becoming genuine muleteers for a day we’ll relive the donkey trails where these animals worked carrying salt from the Gerri salt mines to markets further afield. Along the way we’ll go through spots steeped in legends and enjoy the same scenery beheld by the writers Camilo José Cela and Josep Maria Espinàs in 1956, and fifty years later by Núria Garcia Quera. From the charming village of Gerri de la Sal we take the traditional path to the famous Romanesque hermitage of Mare de Déu d’Arboló before following the path as far as the village of Baro under the shade of trees along the river bank.

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